General Sum Samnang Visit Troops Along Land and Sea Borders of Military Region 3

On 10 and 11 January 2015, General Sum Samnang led a delegate from Ministry of National Defense and attended by delegate from Ministry of Economy and Finance lead by H.E Vongsey Visoth to visit land and sea borders in military region 3.
During the visit, the joint delegates visited a road being constructed by engineering unit of the High Command, workshop and ships at the Ream Naval Base, and agricultural activities of Poulouwai island which has an outstanding output in this type of effort and barrack improvement.
Troops along the border showed a great welcome for the joint delegate for coming to the sites and deepened their commitment for the cause of the nation.
Delegates brought them some cash, canned fish, processing meats, instant noodle, laptops, printers, cements, …
Delegates Arrived at the most distant island of Cambodia