General Sum Samnang Presides over Ground Breaking Ceremony of Eyes and Bones Treatment Building

In the morning of 3 September 2015, General Sum Samnang, the director general of logistics and finance, Ministry of National defense, presided over te groundbreaking ceremony for bone and eye treatment facility construction at Preah Ketomealea hospital, under the donation from Ministry of Defense of Vietnam.

Col Ngyen Anh Dung, defense attaché, said this over 1 million dollar building, with the size of 43 m by 15 m and 5 floors, is another testimony of the strong bong of relationship between Cambodian and Vietnamese military who are now strengthening and deeping the coopeation for further development.

Preah Ketomealea hospital director LTG Ly Sovann said this hospital is having strong friendship with Ho Chi Minh Hosptal 175 and sent 32 doctors to attend specializec courses. In additional, cooperation between the two hospitals has conducted over 2,700 eye surgeries and over 4,000 eye checkups and treatments.

General Sum Samnnag thanked the Vietnamese ministry of defense, saying that the construction of this building is address the real needs, specially the treatment of eyes and bones. He encouraged all staff to take care of this important facility and further strengthen the friendship between Preah Ketomealea and Hospital 175 in Ho Chi Minh which is being upgraded to a great standard.