Updates and Progress Continued at Preah Ketomealea

Preah Ketomealea continues to improve and expand its activities and service coverage which include:

  1. Outpatient consultation
  2. Emergency department
  3. ENT-Dental-Ophthalmology
  4. Department of gastro-enterology
  5. Department of general medicine and ICU
  6. Department of cardio-neuro-vascular and cardiovascular surgery
  7. Department of General surgery-traumatology-cerebral and urology
  8. Department of hemodialysis
  9. Department of Gynecology and obstetrics  
  10. Department of plastic, visceral and thorax surgery
  11. Endocrinology, diabetic, dermatology and physiotherapy
  12. Department of imagery
  13. Department of laboratory

The hospital is also constructing bone and eye treatment facility under the assistance from Vietnamese Ministry of Defense.